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Sep 7, 2017 - Blog    Comments Off on Talk Disney to Me: Beauty and the Beast from Penneys

Talk Disney to Me: Beauty and the Beast from Penneys

It is no secret that I am obsessed with Beauty and the Beast and have been for about 25 years.  I can’t actually describe how happy I feel when I see Beauty and the Beast merchandise.  When the film was first released I could only dream of owning Chip cups and a yellow ballgown; those things simply didn’t exist back in the dark ages when I was 7 and they certainly weren’t available in Penneys.  I find it almost therapeutic to be able to purchase these items now.  As I write this post I’m using a Beauty and the Beast mug  and wearing a Chip tshirt.  I have a Beauty and the Beast notebook and pen beside me and there is an enchanted rose on my table.  I’m absolutely thrilled with myself!

Today I’m going to focus on some of the fantastic Beauty and the Beast items I bought in Penneys.   Penneys has become an absolute treasure trove for Beauty and the Beast fans over the last few months.  It has become a full-time obsession to see what they have in stock.  I should warn you that my photos are a bit all over the place purely because there is so much stuff to photograph.


I bought five t-shirts in total.  My favourite is the t-shirt with all of the characters.  It has the wardrobe and dog so it is really special and it was €8.  I also got a t-shirt with True Beauty is Found Within written on … Read the rest

Jan 8, 2017 - Blog    Comments Off on Talk Disney to Me: January Bargains

Talk Disney to Me: January Bargains

Happy New Year everyone!  Today as part of my Talk Disney to Me series I’m bringing you some great Disney bargains that I found in the January sales.  For most of us January is not the richest of months so it is great to find some budget friendly pieces that will put a smile on your face.

This Bambi bomber jacket is currently reduced to €5 in Penneys.  It is so pretty.  The front is plain black and the back is a masterpiece.  I’m not really one for jackets as I’m always roasting (I don’t actually own a proper coat) but this is so cute that I had to get it for my next  Disney Land adventure.

This Snow White dress apron is €10 down from €20 in Debenhams,  It is lots of fun and if you’re like me and absolutely hate cooking then it will make the awful chore a lot more fun.  They are Disney Princess pj sets on sale but I foolishly didn’t get a photo of them.  The rest of the items featured are also from Debenhams.

Movie books are half price at €6.99.

This Jedi robe lounger is amazing.  It is great for sitting on the couch and I feel like I have the force when I wear it.  It is €10.

How adorable is the BB-8 egg cup?  It will cheer you up when having your breakfast before rushing out the door to work.  This is €7.

A great addition to any kitchen counter … Read the rest

Sep 9, 2016 - Blog    Comments Off on Talk Disney to Me – Penneys Haul

Talk Disney to Me – Penneys Haul

For the next installment of my Disney series I’m writing a haul of some of the great Disney products that are available in everyone’s favourite shop, Penneys. These are perfect for any Disney fan or for anyone visiting Disney.

My favourite item is probably these Mickey Mouse leggings.  I wear them walking the dogs and for lazy days around the house.  They are the most comfortable pair I have ever worn.  These were €8.


Almost every week there is a new selection of Disney tshirts available in Penneys.  Again I like them for dog walking and lounging.  I have lots at this stage and they have ranged from €3 to €8.


These runners are so cute and comfortable and are perfect for a day strolling around Disney Paris.  I thought that they might cut my heels but they were absolutely fine.  They cost €13.


There are always Disney pyjamas in stock but my favourite ones are these Team Bad villains.  I can’t remember how much these actually cost but I think they were about €16.


Finally, given that I’m pet crazy I buy my doggies clothes from the children’s section in Penneys.  The tshirt cost €4 and the jumper was €10.



Penneys is an absolute treasure trove of Disney goodies.… Read the rest

Aug 20, 2016 - Blog    Comments Off on Talk Disney to Me

Talk Disney to Me

I have decided to start a Disney series on the blog.  I unofficially started it a few weeks ago with a guide to Disney Paris which you can read here.  The reason I started it isn’t necessarily because I’m Disney obsessed (I’m not really, I’m Beauty and the Beast obsessed); it is because Disney is good for my well-being.  The last year hasn’t been the easiest and a trip to Disney Paris last October was so good for me.  It is a place that happiness is almost mandatory.  It is impossible to feel down. I find that having a Disney mug on my desk or a trip to the Disney shop now and again does me good and allows me to re-live very happy memories.


Today I’m talking about the Disney shop on Grafton Street.  I had a voucher sitting in my bag for a while waiting for the perfect purchase.  I arrived to the shop pretty early with the hope of opening it and being gifted with a magic key but alas I was beaten to it.  It was quite nice to get in early anyway and look around in peace.  I had done a bit of research and knew exactly what I was in the market for.  A Beauty and the Beast tea set.  I had seen it online and had hoped it was stocked in Dublin.  I was thrilled to pick it up.  The tea set is much bigger than I had expected.  Mrs. Potts bubbles … Read the rest

Jul 12, 2016 - Blog    Comments Off on Disney Paris

Disney Paris

Today I want to write about something a little different.  It is a guide to Disney Paris, whether you’re going for one day as part of a trip to Paris or going to the parks for a few days.

My obsession isn’t with Disney per se, it is with Beauty and the Beast.  I can’t tell you how much this film means to me.  I had read the book as a child in Dunnes one day when my mam was queuing, very bold of me as shops aren’t libraries but anyway.   I instantly fell in love with the characters and the story.    I remember seeing the film in 1992 in Tallaght.  It was the second time I’d been to the cinema and I had been excited for weeks.   I very clearly recall loving Belle because she read books and thinking Gaston was a horrible fool.  I remember feeling scared when Maurice sits in the chair shivering as the Beast enters the room.  I felt excited for Belle’s yellow dress as I had never seen something so pretty and I was so annoyed that the Beast turns back to his prince form at the end.  This is something that still irritates me, he should have stayed as Beast.


My desire to go to Disney started at about 4 years of age.  I had seen the castle at the start and end of films.  For those young people reading this, there used to be a short video on Disney parks before /after … Read the rest