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May 6, 2017 - Blog    Comments Off on New Products from Image

New Products from Image

A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to be invited to Image’s Worldwide Launch Party for six new products, some of which I will be detailing and trying.  Regular readers will know that I have a lot of love for Image and the Vital C serum is a firm favourite of mine.  I was very excited to see the new products on offer.

Firstly, Publicity Loft put on an amazing launch party in the Science Gallery.   The party had a real springtime fun atmosphere to it and brilliantly showcased the new products.  I was lucky enough to meet with an Image Skincare expert for a skin consolation and received lots of very helpful information and got a peak at some of the new products on the market.

The first product that has been launched is one that I’m already in love with.  It is the only product that I have tried so far as I have been up to my eyes with my masters, placement and a full time job (which are also the reasons I’m so late writing this post).  It is a new version of the Ormedic lip balm.  The Ormedic balm is something that I have raved about since I first tried it.  This new addition to the Ormedic family has a slight sheer pink tint to it and boasts the same brilliant qualities as its original.  The really great thing about the Ormedic balm is that it is part of a fundraiser for the Care … Read the rest

Feb 15, 2017 - Blog    Comments Off on Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Skin

Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Skin

Having a good skin routine is something that is really important to me.  I have mostly dry and sometimes dehydrated skin apart from my chin which is marvelous for producing spots.  My chin is something that often features in my posts as it has only been in the last two years or so that I have started to get spots.  One would think I’m old enough for this not to have happened but unfortunately I now find myself in the world of adult (chin) acne.  There are a couple of fantastic products that I use and will continue to use as the wedding approaches.  Today I’m sharing these with you and creating wedding skin heroes.

A lot of the products that I use are natural and the first of these is Liz Earle.  I’m relatively new to Liz Earle but I’m a convert.  The hot cloth cleanser is an absolute must in my bag of hero products.  Trust me, after using this product you will never use anything else to clean your face.  It is amazing.

Sticking with Liz Earle, the Superskin eye cream is made from an actual miracle.  I bought a set over Christmas and I can’t recommend it enough.   It is perfect for sensitive eyes.  The eye cream reduces the appearance of wrinkles and dark circles and feels fantastic when applied.  The eye lotion soothes and eases tired and swollen eyes.  I like to place some on cotton pads and leave them on my eyes for 5 … Read the rest

Dec 20, 2016 - Blog    Comments Off on Liz Earle

Liz Earle

Liz Earle is a skin care company based in the UK that creates botanically based skin care packed full of natural ingredients.  All products are responsibly sourced and kind to the envrionment.  Most importantly for me, the brand does not test on animals.  There are no harsh or harmful chemicals in the produts and most of the items are suitable for all skin types.  Until recently I hadn’t tried any Liz Earle products.  In September I attended an event in Boots and was gifted with Liz Earle’s Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser.   I was delighted with this product and it was the start of my Liz Earle shopping spree.

The Cleanse and Polish is an award winning cleanser that comes with a muslin cloth.  Two pumps of the product are needed to do a full cleanse and remove make-up although I always do a double cleanse.  It is gorgeously creamy and luxurious and works wonders on the skin.  I am a complete convert; this cleanser is utterly fantastic.  It costs €19.99 but there is a set in Boots at the moment for just under €21 that is in a box with the cleanser and two muslin cloths.

Having fallen in love with the cleanser I decided to try another product and saw the skin brightening mask.  It was €11 for a small Christmas sized parcel.  The mask is a two minute treatment and removes the grey dull look from the skin.  I tried the mask and then saw that … Read the rest

Jun 23, 2016 - Blog    Comments Off on Summer Skin

Summer Skin

Summer is a time that our legs and toes emerge from their hibernation cocoon of tights and boots.  If you’re anything like me you may not have taken the best care of them during the winter.  My milky legs tend to be quite dry and in need of some care.  Flip flops and sandals mean that feet and toes see the light of day again and may need a bit of revitalising.  I have put together a list for summer skin that will have you glowing.

The first thing I want to stress is that SPF is the most important product for summer skin.  Above all else your skin needs to be protected. I’m an advocate for wearing SPF throughout the year but it is especially important during summer as more skin tends to be on show.  There are so many great SPFs to choose from Ziaja, Bioderma, Sun Mousse etc. Penneys have now launched a PS range too. Whatever you choose, make sure to wear it.


I always wear SPF on my face and neck.  At the moment I’m using Prevention + from Image.  I recently wrote a review on the Image products in my skincare routine which you can read here.  The moisture contains SPF 30 and is great for protecting skin.

I recently tried Total Shaving Solution.  This oil is actually magical.  It is primarily used for men and is a safer method of shaving as it prevents cuts and nicks.  I use it on my … Read the rest

Jun 9, 2016 - Blog    1 Comment

Image Skincare

Do you know when you try something for the first time and it just works?  You wonder what your life was like before the new product.  Were you ever really happy?  Were you ever truly living? Ok, I’m being deliberately silly but I have recently tried two new products from Image and they are genuinely changing my skin.

I have a couple of skin problems.  My skin is very sensitive and for the most part is on the dry side and can be dehydrated.  My chin, however, is another story.  It is covered in red and sore lumps and spots.  It was getting to the point that I was becoming very down over it.  I never had spots as a teenager so it is hard to take now being covered in them now. Lately I have really been feeling the impact of not looking 2o and I feel that my skin has started to age.

Having not been able to clear my skin for quite some time I contacted Anita from adorn.ie as she is a skincare expert.  She told me that I was probably being too harsh on my skin by using cleansing brushes and scrubs on the spots and that all of the force and abrasion was actually creating more oil as the skin was repairing itself.  She recommended a gentle routine and top of her list was the Vital C serum from Image.

Vital C Serum

I had heard amazing things about the Vital C serum and … Read the rest