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Mar 25, 2015 - Blog    Comments Off on Detox Teas

Detox Teas

I drink green tea all day and as I don’t drink coffee or regular tea, green tea is my hot drink of choice. In the last few months, however, I have decided to try some detox / weight loss teas. Years ago I got caught up in the hype of pu-erh tea when it wasn’t easily available in supermarkets and paid ridiculous amounts of money for it in health food shops. I quite liked the taste of the tea and it did help with digestion but I wasn’t instantly transformed into a supermodel by consuming it. Almost ten years later, however, I decided to give the world of the miracle teatox another go. I wanted to start my healthier regime with a tea boost and I had seen all of the impressive images online.  I suppose I was taken in by them.  I tried both Bootea and more recently Fabuloss.

I had read plenty of amazing reviews of Bootea.  Advocates stated that they lost 7 pounds within a week and felt great as a result of its detox properties.  Although the tea was pricey I decided to try it. I ordered it from Holland and Barrett but it can also be bought directly from Bootea’s website. The tea comes in both a day and night version and can be bought for 14 or 28 days. I decided to start with the 14 day option which cost €26. The day version is a Chinese oolong tea and is to be … Read the rest