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Oct 27, 2017 - Blog    Comments Off on Halloween Style

Halloween Style

As hard as it is for me to imagine there are those of us who don’t quite care for Halloween or perhaps don’t even like the idea of dressing up! Personally, I will take any opportunity I can to dress up and get into costume / character.  If you’re not so keen on the idea of a costume here is my pick for a great outfit.  You’ll have to excuse the light as it was really bad when the photo was taken but I kind of look like a ghost which I like.

I’m obsessed with this t-shirt.  I got it very recently in Penneys and it is €6.  I absolutely adore it.

Any black skirt will do the job or black jeans if you’d prefer.  There are plenty of Halloween tights in shops at the moment and there’s an abundance of skeleton legs.  If you’d feel more comfortable in tights then opt for a seasonal pair.

I made my Halloween shoes last year and they were really simple to do.  They started off life as an ugly white pair.  I printed Halloween shapes and characters on photo paper and glued them on using pva.  When they were dry I applied pva to the rest of the shoes and sprinkled purple glitter over them.  I went over the shapes with Modge Podge.

I bought the Boo clutch in Penneys about two years ago and got it in the clearance section for  €2; I was delighted with myself.  It is a … Read the rest

Jun 30, 2016 - Blog    Comments Off on Penneys AW16

Penneys AW16

Last week I attended the launch of the AW16 collection from Penneys.  On a wet and miserable morning we headed to Penneys HQ and were treated to a sneak peak at the new collections.  There was something for everyone, ladies, men, children and homeware were all included.  I’m going to focus on collections for the ladies.

AW16 smoothies

There were a couple of key collections.  Studio 54 is very much a festive Christmassy range.  It is inspired by disco.  There are lots of ruffles and shiny fabrics.  Studio 54 has plenty of sequins, embellishment and faux fur.

AW16 fur and metallics

The Artisan collection contains lots of embroidery, patches and embellishment.  Artisan is very folky and bohemian.  There are bright colours and looks resembling tapestries.  There is also a military influence with jackets and lapels.

AW16 shoes

If you are a 90s girl then Downtown is for you.  This collection is about bodycon dresses with bomber jackets and runners.  There are varsity jackets, badges, chokers and backpacks.

Jacket €19, Dress €18, Choker €3, Trainers €13

Winter Garden contains the most beautiful vintage inspired coats and jackets. There are dark wintery colours with bold floral patterns.  There is a selection of faux fur, hats and berets and scarves.  These pieces are a key winter look for anyone.

Coat €40, Knit €12, Dress €22

I want to talk about some of the purchases I’ve picked up since the event. The first think I bought was some Disney pjs.  They are covered in Disney  villains as part of the Team Bad collection.  There is also a set covered in princesses as part of Team Good.  … Read the rest

Apr 29, 2016 - Blog    Comments Off on My Addiction to Dresses Continues

My Addiction to Dresses Continues

I am completely and utterly besotted and obsessed with dresses.  They are my staple uniform, they cheer me up when I feel sad, they are my way of life.  I have so many dresses that my two wardrobes are now about to burst.  Each dress holds a special memory for me or makes me think of a certain day or time.  They are almost like my friends.  Now whilst I realise having a grá for a nice guna isn’t actually unusual, I have an addiction.  I can’t stop buying them; they just make me so happy.  I should add, however, that I will still always complain about having nothing to wear!  Over the last two weeks I picked up some beauties and some serious bargains.  Although I don’t usually blog about clothing I  decided to publish a dress haul.  I should add that I had some vouchers from Christmas that I hadn’t yet used and that’s how I funded most of my latest collection.  Also, most of these dresses are very similar and you’ll certainly notice some recurring themes!

First up is this very cute and simple dress from Dorothy Perkins.  This is one of the most expensive dresses in my haul but was still only €20.  Not bad at all.  It is quite low cut but it looks really nice and sweet.  It is perfect for the summer as it is nice and light.   I will never have my arms on show so it goes well with a cardigan … Read the rest

Jun 26, 2015 - Blog    Comments Off on Penneys Autumn/Winter

Penneys Autumn/Winter

Today I ventured to Penneys HQ with Rory from Eat Drink Run Fun to have a sneak peek at their A/W collection.  First of all the office space is absolutely gorgeous.  It is an absolute palace of a place to work.

On arrival we were greeted by the nicest staff and were offered drinks from their bar which consisted of different types of water (I opted for cucumber and mint), smoothies and cosmopolitan tea (which Rory tried).  There was a table full of fancy treats including quail eggs, mini fish cakes and creme brulee which was yum.


creme brulee


We then went to explore the new collection.  It was absolutely stunning and I can’t wait to buy all of it when it appears in stores which will be very shortly.  There are a couple of really striking elements to the  womenswear collection.  Much of it is very bohemian and there is lots of layers and lace.  It is really pretty and floaty and gives a nod to the 1970s.

purple dress

white lace

There is also a more Victorian element with a darker slightly gothic edge.  The dresses in this part of the collection are absolutely beautiful and really my kind of style.


The harder edge continues into some of their studded leather pieces which I absolutely adored.

Fringing features in many of the pieces and there is some lovely chunky knitwear which automatically conjures up ideas of cosy wintertime.  Fur also has a key role in the coming season’s pieces.

fringe boots

My favourite pieces were a … Read the rest

Jun 22, 2015 - Blog    Comments Off on Penneys Haul

Penneys Haul

Last week when I rushed into Penneys to buy some bits for my Bloomsday costume (read about it here), I also purchased a few other goodies.  Here’s a quick haul of my purchases.

My favourite colour for clothing is black.  In fact until recently I didn’t wear any other colour of clothing.  Even though I have embraced a little colour I can’t resist a black dress.  I picked up this tshirt style dress for €10.  It is really comfy and I love it.  I really like the sleeves because even though they have gaps they cover most of my arms.  It is great for the summer because I really don’t like having my arms out so this dress is perfect.

black tshirt dress

Continuing with black, I love this lace and fringed kimono. It is light enough to wear in warm weather and is a great buy. It is €15 and is also available in white.  I love fringing at the bottom so I added some to the kimono.

lace kimono

I’m obsessed with my new tan ankle boots.  They are so comfortable and easy to walk in.  I want to wear them with every single thing I own and over the last week I have been doing just that.


I really like leaf and feather jewellery so I was drawn to these earrings for €1.50.  Now I like very long earrings so I bought a few sets and made this pair out of them.


Recently I had to take out my beloved piercing … Read the rest