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Nov 6, 2015 - Blog    Comments Off on Frosted Plum from The Body Shop

Frosted Plum from The Body Shop

Isn’t it funny how a smell can remind one of so much?  It can act as a time machine and bring one back years or it can conjure up feelings and emotions?  Well The Body Shop’s Dewberry is one of those magical scents for me.  It is now long gone from stock but I have a bottle stashed away that I sometimes like to open and smell.  I won’t ever use it and it is probably well passed date of proper use as it is no longer even purple but it still has its scent.  When I was younger my Granddad used to get the bus to town every Christmas and buy me a Dewberry set.  Who knows why he chose Dewberry.  Maybe it was the first set he saw or maybe he liked the purple colour or the straw basket it used to come in.  I’ll never know why but for whatever reason it became a Christmas tradition.


Dewberry may be long gone but I think I may have found my second favourite set of purple goodies from The Body Shop.  Yesterday I was treated to a delightful evening featuring The Body Shop’s festive treats including Frosted Cranberry, Spiced Apple and the new Frosted Plum.

frosted cranberry

Whilst the Frosted Cranberry and Spiced Apple were absolutely gorgeous I want to focus on the purple wonder that is Frosted Plum.  I instantly fell in love with it.  I suppose part of the reason was that it did resemble a ghost of Christmas … Read the rest

Oct 15, 2015 - Blog    Comments Off on Blank Canvas Cosmetics Demo

Blank Canvas Cosmetics Demo

On Sunday I attended the Pro Beauty Show in the RDS and was absolutely delighted when Una from Blank Canvas Cosmetics asked me to do a Halloween demo.  I was so surprised and honoured.  I was totally thrilled as 1. I love Halloween, 2. I really love Blank Canvas Cosmetics and  3. Una told me I could create whatever look I wanted and left it totally up to me.

I was so nervous on the day as I had never done a demo before.  I was also really excited and very grateful for the opportunity.  I think I really started to feel a bit queasy when I put the headset mic on but once I started the make-up my nerves eased.

BCC me

I wanted to create a really easy Halloween look that anyone can do so I decided on a skull.  I felt very strongly that it had to be something that was easy to follow and that one didn’t need a make-up qualification to attempt.  I was going to do a day of the dead skull with the colour palette but decided to go even simpler and create a normal skull look.

I used all of my favourite Blank Canvas brushes with the neutral palette which is a total bargain and was on sale for €15. I wanted to create a really easy Halloween look that anyone can do so I decided on a skull.  To start with I applied a pale foundation with the F02 and then used the … Read the rest

Sep 28, 2015 - Blog    Comments Off on The Vintage Cosmetic Company

The Vintage Cosmetic Company

On Wednesday I made my way to Cleary’s Pharmacy on Talbot Street as The Vintage Cosmetics Company started to sell there.  It is no secret that I love anything vintage looking so I was really excited to see what the range had to offer.  The Vintage Cosmetic Company prides itself in offering a range of high quality cosmetic accessories.  They are full of 1950s inspired glamour and charm.

Once again there was a lovely spread of Cupcakes from Jen’s Couture Cakes and they were matched to the event.  Joan, the company’s PR had gone to a lot of trouble to ensure a vintage theme and look for the evening.  Her family were there to help out and they were all lovely.  We met with the owner of the company and heard from her about the brand and why she decided to launch it.


Jen and Ciara of From Matte to Metallic are brand ambassadors and were there to host demos of the brushes and apply false lashes.  Ciara applied the Betty lashes for me and I instantly fell in love.  They are gorgeous.  The lashes are incredibly light and feel very comfortable on.

anita lash

Anita from Adorn.ie having lashes applied

The range consists of make-up brushes, manicure sets, hair brushes, nail file, eyelash curlers and more.  Everything from the brand is adorably packaged.  I was drawn to some of the brush sets.  They are so cute that it is almost a shame to open them.



The atmosphere was warm and welcoming … Read the rest

Apr 12, 2015 - Blog    1 Comment

Image Skincare

This week I was delighted to be invited to meet the creators behind Image Skincare Janna and Marc Ronert.  The event took place in the very elegant Merrion Hotel and was hosted by the lovely ladies of Publicity Loft.  Before the workshop took place we were introduced to both Janna and Marc as well as Image staff member Mimi.  Janna is incredibly glamorous and was very friendly to all of us.  After she and Dr. Marc chatted to us about the brand we then spoke with Mimi.  She was so chatty, funny and lovely.  She has me converted to Image’s lip balm and it is definitely now on my wishlist.

When we moved into the actual workshop there were long tables full of Image goodies to try.  There was also an abundance of food including cupcakes, pastries and mini portions of chips.  The Publicity Loft really knows how to put on a show.


Janna began the workshop by telling us about the origins of the brand.  She started to create the band in her apartment having worked as a rep for other companies.  Image was born as she suffered with rosacea and was looking for suitable skincare.  In a relatively short amount of time Image grew and now boasts a huge range with something for everyone.  There is something for extremely sensitive skin, oily skin, anti-aging and everything in between.  Dr. Marc spoke about the science and technology behind the products.


As I said there were plenty of products on … Read the rest

Apr 12, 2015 - Blog    Comments Off on Fuji Green Tea from The Body Shop

Fuji Green Tea from The Body Shop

I’m quite late  writing this post but March started off with a trip to the Body Shop on Grafton Street for the launch of their Fuji Green Tea range. As a fan of drinking green tea all day I was delighted to sample their new products. Their space upstairs in the shop looked amazing. It was a large open space decorated with fans and Japanese art. The products were on display and there was plenty to sample.


There was also a nail bar and threading station where my good friend Cat from Big Blonde Girl had her first threading experience. I’ll be kind and won’t post up the vast amount of pictures I took and memes I created. Later in the evening there was a great make-up demo showcasing some looks for spring.

The Body Shop provided an abundance of food: there was a selection of green tea macaroons, Japanese cabbage wraps (which were delicious) and plenty of green tea. The staff were lovely, friendly and very helpful.

I left the event with a number of Green Tea treats (and cabbage wraps) including an exfoliator, body moisturiser and bath salts. All of these products are fantastic. The salts make the bath feel like sitting in a giant cup of green tea as they contain actual tea leaves. They are soothing and calming and provide a de-stressing treat.  They are great for an evening of relaxation.  The moisturiser is luxurious and creamy and will leave the skin feeling soft, nourished and … Read the rest