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Aug 28, 2017 - Blog    Comments Off on ELF Cosmetics

ELF Cosmetics

I wanted to try ELF for a while so when I saw that it had landed in Superdrug I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.  ELF is a cruelty free budget brand which is always appealing to me.  I tried four different products so here are my thoughts on them.

Illuminating Palette

This palette contains four highlighter shades.  They are not overly shimmery and are well pigmented and long lasting.  I really like the soft finish they provide.  Personally I only use the top two shades as the bottom powders are too dark for me.  My favourite is the first white /  silver highlighter and I have been using this most days.  It is very pretty and can be used to create a soft and pretty glow to the cheekbones or can be used under the brows or across the eyelids for a beautiful finish.  I would certainly buy this product again.

Under the Eye Concealer

The concealer consists of two products, a concealer and a highlighter.  Both have an individual applicator.  When I bought this product both ends were completely empty despite the concealer being sealed.  I was able to return it for a new one.  Whilst I’m very happy with the concealer, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of product in the tubes, particularly on the highlighter side.  The concealer is great for covering my dark circles and making me look more awake.  The highlighter is fine for patting on over the concealer but for … Read the rest

Aug 1, 2017 - Blog    Comments Off on Photofocus Foundation from Wet n Wild

Photofocus Foundation from Wet n Wild

It is a well established fact that I am completely in love with Wet n Wild.  It is a brand that I rave about to anyone willing to listen.  The brand is cruelty free and offers amazing quality at a fantastic price.

When I saw the new Photofocus foundation I had to try it.  The first thing I noticed was the extensive shade range.  I’m pale skinned and it can often be difficult to find a good colour match.  There were a number of shades for pale skin ranging from neturals to warms and cools.  I was surprised by the amount of options.

The foundation genuinely is incredible.  I’m on my second bottle.  The bottle has an applicator attached to the lid which I like for placing the foundation on my face before using a brush.   I really like this as it means I’m not pouring too much foundation out and wasting it.  The texture is gorgeous and it has great lasting power.  I apply my make-up at 6am and it lasts for the day.

Photofocus has medium coverage and is buildable.  It creates a lovely finish.  For me this foundation performs as well as its high end counterparts.  Unbelievably, it costs €6.99!  I absolutely adore this foundation.… Read the rest

Jan 15, 2017 - Blog    Comments Off on Beauty Bargains Under €5

Beauty Bargains Under €5

January is not a splurge friendly month so today I’m bringing you a list of some amazing beauty bargains for under €5.

Wet n Wild lipsticks, my current favourite is Raven Red and it cost €2.99.

If a matte lipstick isn’t for you then the tinted lip balms are a great choice.  These are under €4.

This gorgeous scented marshmallow shower gel available in Dealz for €1.49.

Make-up removing cloths and gloves from Penneys for €4 and €3.50 respectively.

The best eyeliner I have ever used from Catrice for €4.99.

The PS Bath and Body range is gorgeous but my favourite is the coconut scented spray for €1.50.

The absolute best concealer ever made is from Catrice and is under €4.

Shaving gel from Lidl for €1.99.

Wet n Wild nail varnishes are fantastic and start off at €1.99.

Spring bobbins for €1.50 from Penneys.

Garnier’s Micellar water available from Dealz at €1.49.

Banana powder from Penneys for €4.

This make-up mixing palette and spatula from Penneys for €4.

Nail polish remover from Lidl for €1.50.

This gorgeous hydrating tissue mask from Garnier.  This is under €3.

The new PS Workout lip balm from Penneys is €1.50.

Finally this make-up storage unit from Penneys is €2 at the moment.  There are two separate parts, each of which costs €1.

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Aug 20, 2016 - Blog    Comments Off on Bargain Beauty

Bargain Beauty

I have written many posts on great bargain beauty bits and pieces.  There are so many great ranges and products on the market that deliver great results and don’t come with a luxury price tag.  Today I’m talking about a few recent items I have tried.

No bargain post would be complete without a mention of Penneys.  I’m not a big tan fan but I absolutely love the gradual tan from the PS range.  It is a thick and decadent cream that will leave your skin super soft and silky whilst building a gorgeous tan.  I use a small amount on my legs as I like a very light tan.  It goes on well and delivers great results.  It is a steal at €5.

PS Gradual Tan

I love liquid liner and Wet n Wild’s new fine liner is fantastic.  It has the same finish and lasting power as a gel liner.  It is like a felt liner and is very easy to use.

felt marker

Lidl’s Cien nail polish remover is a must discussed item on many blogger lists.  It is absolutely worth the hype.  It has a pump top and removes varnish quickly including glitter which is usually a chore.  Their shaving gel is another great buy.  It is great for sensitive skin and does the job.  It leaves my legs silky smooth and I’m very happy with it.  Both items are under €2.



If you want big bouncy curls with plenty of volume then the old way of doing it is the … Read the rest