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Bryt Skincare

Last week I attended the launch of a new range to reach our shores, Bryt Skincare.

Bryt was designed by Catkin Wemyss-Bodmer who gave a very passionate and poignant speech about the origins of the brand and the inspiration behind it. Catkin spoke of the importance of a good skincare routine and wowed us all by telling us she was 53. The woman doesn’t look a day over 30!  I think that in itself is reason enough to try the brand.

Speaking of lovely ladies, the event was run by he very talented Naomi McElroy.  Naomi is a genius and organised a fabulous event that was a floral hub of beauty.  The flower wall at the entrance was a thing of wonder and the prettiness extended to the tables and floral crowns which were scattered around both rooms.  The whole place provided the perfect show case for all things Bryt and beautiful.


The range of skincare really does have something for everyone.  There is a range for the gentlemen but you can head over to for more on that.  I sampled lots of lotions and potions at the launch and I really fell in love with the serums, eye gels and make-up removers.  I tested the eye make-up remover with a little bit of liquid liner on my hand and it removed it perfectly and in one go.  I can’t wait to get my hands on it.


The ethos behind the brand is a three step process: cleanse, nourish … Read the rest

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Talk Disney to Me – Penneys Haul

For the next installment of my Disney series I’m writing a haul of some of the great Disney products that are available in everyone’s favourite shop, Penneys. These are perfect for any Disney fan or for anyone visiting Disney.

My favourite item is probably these Mickey Mouse leggings.  I wear them walking the dogs and for lazy days around the house.  They are the most comfortable pair I have ever worn.  These were €8.


Almost every week there is a new selection of Disney tshirts available in Penneys.  Again I like them for dog walking and lounging.  I have lots at this stage and they have ranged from €3 to €8.


These runners are so cute and comfortable and are perfect for a day strolling around Disney Paris.  I thought that they might cut my heels but they were absolutely fine.  They cost €13.


There are always Disney pyjamas in stock but my favourite ones are these Team Bad villains.  I can’t remember how much these actually cost but I think they were about €16.


Finally, given that I’m pet crazy I buy my doggies clothes from the children’s section in Penneys.  The tshirt cost €4 and the jumper was €10.



Penneys is an absolute treasure trove of Disney goodies.… Read the rest

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Magpie Magazine Launch

Yesterday evening I attended the launch of new magazine, Magpie.  I went with Joey from Joe Blogs About Stuff. The event was in House on Leeson Street and it was absolutely packed full of people excited about the magazine.  It was one of the best and most organised events that I have ever attended which is no surprise as the amazingly wonderful and talented vision of floral beauty that is Naomi McElroy was its mastermind.

Magpie is a brand new magazine that  appeared on Dragons’ Den and received financial backing from Alison Cowzer.  There were meaningful and poignant speeches at the event celebrating friendship and business.  I have to admit that I don’t read women’s magazines.  I haven’t read one in about ten years.  I personally feel they don’t always treat women with respect and as intelligent beings in terms of stating which celebrity gained a few pounds or who has cellulite.  I’m pleased to say Magpie is different.  It has a lot more substance to it.  It also boasts quantity as well as quality as the first issue as 176 pages.  There are stories of courage, survival, travel, style, decor, music and more.

Magpie Mag

The Magpie mission statement reads:

“Magpie is a fresh new magazine for the post Celtic Tiger woman.  We strive to create something that is innovative, meaningful and authentic.  A blend of words that provoke, entertain and inspire, with images that move and empower; what sets Magpie apart is that we seek to empower women, to … Read the rest

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Bargain Beauty

I have written many posts on great bargain beauty bits and pieces.  There are so many great ranges and products on the market that deliver great results and don’t come with a luxury price tag.  Today I’m talking about a few recent items I have tried.

No bargain post would be complete without a mention of Penneys.  I’m not a big tan fan but I absolutely love the gradual tan from the PS range.  It is a thick and decadent cream that will leave your skin super soft and silky whilst building a gorgeous tan.  I use a small amount on my legs as I like a very light tan.  It goes on well and delivers great results.  It is a steal at €5.

PS Gradual Tan

I love liquid liner and Wet n Wild’s new fine liner is fantastic.  It has the same finish and lasting power as a gel liner.  It is like a felt liner and is very easy to use.

felt marker

Lidl’s Cien nail polish remover is a must discussed item on many blogger lists.  It is absolutely worth the hype.  It has a pump top and removes varnish quickly including glitter which is usually a chore.  Their shaving gel is another great buy.  It is great for sensitive skin and does the job.  It leaves my legs silky smooth and I’m very happy with it.  Both items are under €2.



If you want big bouncy curls with plenty of volume then the old way of doing it is the … Read the rest

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Talk Disney to Me

I have decided to start a Disney series on the blog.  I unofficially started it a few weeks ago with a guide to Disney Paris which you can read here.  The reason I started it isn’t necessarily because I’m Disney obsessed (I’m not really, I’m Beauty and the Beast obsessed); it is because Disney is good for my well-being.  The last year hasn’t been the easiest and a trip to Disney Paris last October was so good for me.  It is a place that happiness is almost mandatory.  It is impossible to feel down. I find that having a Disney mug on my desk or a trip to the Disney shop now and again does me good and allows me to re-live very happy memories.


Today I’m talking about the Disney shop on Grafton Street.  I had a voucher sitting in my bag for a while waiting for the perfect purchase.  I arrived to the shop pretty early with the hope of opening it and being gifted with a magic key but alas I was beaten to it.  It was quite nice to get in early anyway and look around in peace.  I had done a bit of research and knew exactly what I was in the market for.  A Beauty and the Beast tea set.  I had seen it online and had hoped it was stocked in Dublin.  I was thrilled to pick it up.  The tea set is much bigger than I had expected.  Mrs. Potts bubbles … Read the rest