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PS Collection from Penneys

It is probably very obvious by now that I adore Penneys.  This evening I’m sharing some of my recent PS goodies and buys with you.

I was very kindly gifted these by Penneys a little while ago and I must apologise that I have taken so long to review them. I have been using them and have actually bought replacements for the ones that have run out.  There are three collections: Pink Grapefruit, Strawberry Sorbet and Coconut Creme.  My favourite is Coconut Creme.  I smell like a Bounty bar and I love it.  Coconut is one of my absolute favourite scents.  I have tried hand cream, body lotion, body butter and perfume sprays across the collections.  All of the creams will leave your skin moisturised, conditioned and nourished with the most beautiful lingering scent.

The Pink Grapefruit collection smells light, delicate, fresh and clean.  It has a pale pink hue and reminds me of spring.  It is a really great set of products for the morning time as the scent will wake you up and make you feel refreshed for the day ahead.  Pink Grapefruit is subtle and pretty.


Do you remember how the strawberry syrup on a 99 from an ice-cream van smells?  That’s pretty much the scent of the Strawberry Sorbet collection.  It is sweet, sugary and vibrant.  I actually wanted to eat some of it.


I’m saving the best for last with the Coconut Creme collection.  The spray is my new favourite thing.  I’m actually on my … Read the rest

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Snapchat Dog

Continuing with my quick and affordable Halloween tutorials, today is the easiest of all looks.  This is perfect for a very last minute look.  The best part of this is you can do whatever make-up you want, totally your own choice and preference.  I recommend a lot of contouring and highlighter to create a filter look.


You will need:

Paper and a printer

Tape and hair clips or a hairband

Eyelash glue

Your usual make-up

The Steps:

I applied my make-up as normal.  I used the Master Series palette from Blank Canvas Cosmetics on my eyes with Wet n Wild’s Precision liner to create a wing.  I finished the look with Max Factor’s False Lash Effect mascara.  Lining the waterline with a white pencil or flesh toned shade will create a brighter eye adding to the filtered look.

I used Double Wear foundation and applied it with the F20 from Blank Canvas Cosmetics.   I added a strong contour and used the double ended contour stick from Wet n Wild to give a more sculpted look.  I added to the highlighter with a sparkly shade from Essence.   I do recommend contouring and highlighting your nose as it adds to the photo filter effect.

Lipstick and blusher can be any shade of your choice.


You can create the dog nose with make-up but I felt it looked better with the cutout piece of paper.  I printed ears and a nose and used Duo Glue to stick the nose on.  The ears were … Read the rest

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Wednesday Addams

Today’s quick and easy Halloween tutorial is Wednesday Addams.  Out of all of the looks I have created this is one of my favourite as I was able to dress Gatsby up as Pugsley.  We had lots of fun.  Once again very few products are required for this.


You will need:

Pale foundation – I used Make-up Atelier

Dark brown, white and black eyeshadow – I used the 88 neutral palette from Blank Canvas Cosmetics

Black liquid liner – I used Wet n Wild

Mascara – I used False Lash Effect

Contour and highlighter – I used Wet n Wild

Dark lipstick (optional) – I used MUA

Brushes – Blank Canvas Cosmetics



  1. Apply pale foundation all over the face and down the neck.
  2. Apply brown shadow along the crease and in the inner corners.  Take the shadow under the eyes quite far down to create a tired and creepy look.
  3. Add some white shadow to the lid and directly under the bottom lashes, just above the brown.  This white can also be applied under the brows.
  4. Create a very thin line and a small wing with liquid liner and add mascara.
  5. Create a straight black eyebrow with a black shadow.
  6. Add contour and highlighter.  I recommend not using anything too shimmery.
  7. Wednesday has a nude lip so you can create a light lip.  I used a darker colour because I like a strong lip.


Wednesday’s hair is pretty simple.  I just plaited mine but you can use a wig … Read the rest

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Morticia Addams

I think it is very clear by now that I love Halloween.  Over the years I have created various make-up tutorials and have tried to make them as fuss free and as accessible as possible. I’m continuing this with Halloween looks.  They don’t have to be expensive or overly difficult.  I have already shown you Mavis from Hotel Transylvania as a simple and inexpensive look and today I’m talking you through a very easy look: Morticia Addams.  Morticia is an absolute idol of mine and has been since I was about five or six.  Maybe she is responsible for my long dark hair and the reason I always wear black.  I love everything about her.


You can use any brand you want but I have mostly focused on Blank Canvas Cosmetics and Wet n Wild as they are great quality and very affordable.

You will need:

Pale foundation  – I used Make-Up Atelier

Grey and white eyeshadow – I used the neutral palette 88 shadow palette from Blank Canvas

Black liquid / gel liner and a pencil liner – I used Wet n Wild’s liner and a Rimmel pencil

Mascara (lashes optional) – I used MaxFactor’s False Lash Effect

Contour (highlighter optional) – I used contour palette from Blank Canvas

Red lipstick and lip liner – I used Red velvet lipstick and a liner from Wet n Wild

Red nail varnish (optional)

Brushes – Blank Canvas Cosmetics

Make-up steps

  1. I always start with eyes when I’m doing make-up. I
Read the rest
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Halloween Haul

I love love love Halloween.  It is my absolute favourite time of year.  Halloween in our house officially starts on Pumpkin’s birthday which is the 13th of September.  One of my favourite things in life is to look at the Halloween stuff as it arrives in the shops.  This is has been something that I have loved since I was about four or five.  I still get excited ever year and it makes me so ridiculously happy.  This year I’ve had even more Halloween joy by being able to dress my boys in costumes.  Pumpkin, Thor and Loki have always worn hats and Pumpkin even came third in a Hedge-oween contest before but they don’t really like costumes.  Gatsby and Finch, however, have become the perfect Halloween models.  Anyway, all of that aside I want to show you some of my current favourite Halloween items.


Starting off with my absolutely fabulous nails from Caroline’s Beauty Room.  They are amazing.  I have written several times about Caroline and her incredible talent.  She is a nail queen and you have to visit her salon in Rush.  Caroline will make you feel relaxed and at ease as well as adorning you with the most beautiful nails.  I’m always in awe of her.


These Halloween leggings (€5) and tights (€3.50) from Penneys are amazing.


Just look at this Halloween pasta from Lidl.  I can’t actually eat it because I can’t have gluten but it looks so good I had to get it.  They also … Read the rest