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Winter Skin

Winter is here and that means that our skin can suffer.  Being out in the cold mixed with indoor heating play havoc with our skin.  Today I’m talking to you about some products that are great for winter skin.

The first thing I want to highlight is the Bee Venom mask from Beauty Belle.  This is a tissue mask that is left on the skin for about 30 minutes.  It feels very luxurious and nourishing.  The bee venom mask is a bio-cellulose jelly and will hydrate your skin.  Bee venom is used in some of the best anti-aging products as it plumps the skin.  The mask does just that and stimulates the production of collagen.  This really is a great product.

Our lips tend to suffer and chap badly in winter so an old classic is the way to go.  Labello lip balms will see your through the colder months and keep your lips perfectly smooth and in good condition.

Hands are another thing to suffer and can dry out and chap.  The apple hand  cream from the Body Shop has a gorgeous scent and also nourishes your hands keeping them perfectly soft.

The best form of hydration for my arms and legs is without doubt Waxpert’s oil.  I tend to get very dry and this luxurious lavendar oil sorts me out in seconds.  It is an absolute skin saviour.

I hope these skin heroes see you through the next few months.… Read the rest

Jan 15, 2017 - Blog    Comments Off on Beauty Bargains Under €5

Beauty Bargains Under €5

January is not a splurge friendly month so today I’m bringing you a list of some amazing beauty bargains for under €5.

Wet n Wild lipsticks, my current favourite is Raven Red and it cost €2.99.

If a matte lipstick isn’t for you then the tinted lip balms are a great choice.  These are under €4.

This gorgeous scented marshmallow shower gel available in Dealz for €1.49.

Make-up removing cloths and gloves from Penneys for €4 and €3.50 respectively.

The best eyeliner I have ever used from Catrice for €4.99.

The PS Bath and Body range is gorgeous but my favourite is the coconut scented spray for €1.50.

The absolute best concealer ever made is from Catrice and is under €4.

Shaving gel from Lidl for €1.99.

Wet n Wild nail varnishes are fantastic and start off at €1.99.

Spring bobbins for €1.50 from Penneys.

Garnier’s Micellar water available from Dealz at €1.49.

Banana powder from Penneys for €4.

This make-up mixing palette and spatula from Penneys for €4.

Nail polish remover from Lidl for €1.50.

This gorgeous hydrating tissue mask from Garnier.  This is under €3.

The new PS Workout lip balm from Penneys is €1.50.

Finally this make-up storage unit from Penneys is €2 at the moment.  There are two separate parts, each of which costs €1.

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Talk Disney to Me: January Bargains

Happy New Year everyone!  Today as part of my Talk Disney to Me series I’m bringing you some great Disney bargains that I found in the January sales.  For most of us January is not the richest of months so it is great to find some budget friendly pieces that will put a smile on your face.

This Bambi bomber jacket is currently reduced to €5 in Penneys.  It is so pretty.  The front is plain black and the back is a masterpiece.  I’m not really one for jackets as I’m always roasting (I don’t actually own a proper coat) but this is so cute that I had to get it for my next  Disney Land adventure.

This Snow White dress apron is €10 down from €20 in Debenhams,  It is lots of fun and if you’re like me and absolutely hate cooking then it will make the awful chore a lot more fun.  They are Disney Princess pj sets on sale but I foolishly didn’t get a photo of them.  The rest of the items featured are also from Debenhams.

Movie books are half price at €6.99.

This Jedi robe lounger is amazing.  It is great for sitting on the couch and I feel like I have the force when I wear it.  It is €10.

How adorable is the BB-8 egg cup?  It will cheer you up when having your breakfast before rushing out the door to work.  This is €7.

A great addition to any kitchen counter … Read the rest

Dec 22, 2016 - Blog    Comments Off on Jungle Bells from The Body Shop

Jungle Bells from The Body Shop

If you are doing a spot of last minute Christmas shopping this week then look no further than the Body Shop.  Every Christmas the Body Shop partners with a charity and this year they are working on saving rain forests.  Animals and nature are something that is particularly important to me so I’m delighted to support this campaign.  There is a huge variety of products on offer that support this charitable endeavour.  Some of my favourites include the Spiced Apple range which smells absolutely gorgeous.

Rather than discuss each product in too much detail I’m going to share some pictures with you of the Christmas launch and let you know that each piece is fantastic and will make a gorgeous gift.  All of the products are ethically sourced and naturally made.  There are lotions and potions, face masks, body creams, make-up, perfumes and more to choose from.

You will have lots of fun looking through the Body Shop treats and as well as giving a gorgeous gift you will be contributing towards the rain forest.… Read the rest

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Liz Earle

Liz Earle is a skin care company based in the UK that creates botanically based skin care packed full of natural ingredients.  All products are responsibly sourced and kind to the envrionment.  Most importantly for me, the brand does not test on animals.  There are no harsh or harmful chemicals in the produts and most of the items are suitable for all skin types.  Until recently I hadn’t tried any Liz Earle products.  In September I attended an event in Boots and was gifted with Liz Earle’s Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser.   I was delighted with this product and it was the start of my Liz Earle shopping spree.

The Cleanse and Polish is an award winning cleanser that comes with a muslin cloth.  Two pumps of the product are needed to do a full cleanse and remove make-up although I always do a double cleanse.  It is gorgeously creamy and luxurious and works wonders on the skin.  I am a complete convert; this cleanser is utterly fantastic.  It costs €19.99 but there is a set in Boots at the moment for just under €21 that is in a box with the cleanser and two muslin cloths.

Having fallen in love with the cleanser I decided to try another product and saw the skin brightening mask.  It was €11 for a small Christmas sized parcel.  The mask is a two minute treatment and removes the grey dull look from the skin.  I tried the mask and then saw that … Read the rest