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Morticia Addams

I think it is very clear by now that I love Halloween.  Over the years I have created various make-up tutorials and have tried to make them as fuss free and as accessible as possible. I’m continuing this with Halloween looks.  They don’t have to be expensive or overly difficult.  I have already shown you Mavis from Hotel Transylvania as a simple and inexpensive look and today I’m talking you through a very easy look: Morticia Addams.  Morticia is an absolute idol of mine and has been since I was about five or six.  Maybe she is responsible for my long dark hair and the reason I always wear black.  I love everything about her.


You can use any brand you want but I have mostly focused on Blank Canvas Cosmetics and Wet n Wild as they are great quality and very affordable.

You will need:

Pale foundation  – I used Make-Up Atelier

Grey and white eyeshadow – I used the neutral palette 88 shadow palette from Blank Canvas

Black liquid / gel liner and a pencil liner – I used Wet n Wild’s liner and a Rimmel pencil

Mascara (lashes optional) – I used MaxFactor’s False Lash Effect

Contour (highlighter optional) – I used contour palette from Blank Canvas

Red lipstick and lip liner – I used Red velvet lipstick and a liner from Wet n Wild

Red nail varnish (optional)

Brushes – Blank Canvas Cosmetics

Make-up steps

  1. I always start with eyes when I’m doing make-up. I
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Halloween Haul

I love love love Halloween.  It is my absolute favourite time of year.  Halloween in our house officially starts on Pumpkin’s birthday which is the 13th of September.  One of my favourite things in life is to look at the Halloween stuff as it arrives in the shops.  This is has been something that I have loved since I was about four or five.  I still get excited ever year and it makes me so ridiculously happy.  This year I’ve had even more Halloween joy by being able to dress my boys in costumes.  Pumpkin, Thor and Loki have always worn hats and Pumpkin even came third in a Hedge-oween contest before but they don’t really like costumes.  Gatsby and Finch, however, have become the perfect Halloween models.  Anyway, all of that aside I want to show you some of my current favourite Halloween items.


Starting off with my absolutely fabulous nails from Caroline’s Beauty Room.  They are amazing.  I have written several times about Caroline and her incredible talent.  She is a nail queen and you have to visit her salon in Rush.  Caroline will make you feel relaxed and at ease as well as adorning you with the most beautiful nails.  I’m always in awe of her.


These Halloween leggings (€5) and tights (€3.50) from Penneys are amazing.


Just look at this Halloween pasta from Lidl.  I can’t actually eat it because I can’t have gluten but it looks so good I had to get it.  They also … Read the rest

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Halloween – Mavis from Hotel Transylvania

Leaves have fallen, it is starting to get a little colder, it is getting darker earlier and Halloween is near.  This is my absolute favourite time of year.  Nothing makes me happier than feeling a chill and browsing Halloween products in shops.  I will have a separate post on my favourite Halloween items but today I’m focusing on my first Halloween look of the season, Mavis.

I want to show you how to create looks that are simple and affordable using as few products as possible.  Mavis is a pretty easy look for anyone that doesn’t want to go too mad in terms of time and money for Halloween.  All you really need is a black dress or even an over-sized tshirt.


You will need a few essentials, I have listed the exact brands that I used but any will do:

  • Black pencil eyeliner (Rimmel)
  • Black gel or liquid liner (Wet n Wild, Proline)
  • Dark brown shadow (Blank Canvas Cosmetics 26 shadow palette)
  • Pale foundation (Make-Up Atelier)
  • Dark brown /black lipstick (Wet n Wild, Cherry Bomb)
  • Contour and highlighter  (Blank Canvas Cosmetics, Pippa)


  1. The first thing I did was create a smoky eye.  I always create a smoky eye by drawing on the lid with a black liner pencil.  This does not need to be tidy or neat.  Smudge it in with a brush.  I used the E26 from Blank Canvas Cosmetics. Once this was done I used a dark brown from the Blank Canvas palette and blended it
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Wedding Wednesday: Bridal by Nikki Kavanagh

My Wedding Wednesday posts have dramatically slowed down over the last few weeks as I have been ridiculously busy.  Anyway, today I wanted to talk to you about a gorgeous bridal shop.  A while ago I was invited to the launch of Bridal by Nikki Kavanagh in Ratoath.  My bridesmaid/cousin/partner in crime and I arrived to a very glitzy affair with champagne, a red carpet, chocolate strawberries, music and an abundance of food and met some of the lovely people involved in the shop.


We were given the full tour of what I can only describe as a one stop shop for weddings.  The shop is comprised of the actual dress part where there is a range of styles to choose from as well as accessories, belts, veils etc.  It was a sea of pretty lace and tulle.  I fell in love with a gorgeous mermaid lace gown. It was fabulous.  Dresses are from Pronovias, MGNY, Callista and more.


There are pretty cabinets in the alcoves of the room stocked full of sparkly treasures.


There was also a selection of bridesmaid dresses, again in plenty of styles and indeed colours.  There was definitely a dress for every taste. Dresses are primarily from the Dessy Group and I had my eye on one.


The dress room opens to a beauty suite that offers waxing, facials, tanning etc.  This is a great place for improving one’s skincare in the lead up to the big day.  The salon area is followed by a … Read the rest

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Penneys – Autumnal Treasures

I regularly write about great finds in Penneys in terms of make-up, storage and clothes. Today I’m sticking to clothes and sharing some of my new favourite Autumn pieces with you.

First up I want to talk about this biker jacket. It was €14! Unbelievable. It is really pretty and very comfortable. I wanted a jacket with studs but I liked how this one fitted so much that I decided to get it and modify it. I stuck a few studs on the collar and rolled up the sleeves. I’m delighted with how it turned out.



This shirt dress was €13. Generally speaking I don’t have a good relationship with shirts or anything with buttons as the buttons tend to gape across my chest but I’m pleased to say that there are no such issues with this. It is very roomy so you might need to go down a size. It does also come in black. It has a little tan rope belt with it. Wear it with tights, a chunky long cardigan and ankle boots for a very autumnal and cosy look.


I would like to state that I am not a fan of the majority of 90s looks. I wore a lot of them the first time around. That being said there are a few iconic 90s looks which are very close to my heart and give me all the feels. The first of these is grunge. I spent part of my youth tearing jeans and fighting with … Read the rest