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Wedding Wednesday: Mitchum Deodorant

For today’s Wedding Wednesday installment I’m talking about deodorant. Mitchum very kindly sent me a selection of their products recently and I have been trying them out since I received them.  I was very excited to try these products as I’m always searching for a deodorant that works for me.

Deodorant may not seem that interesting to many people but to me it is something that I’m always on the look-out for.  I’m incredibly sensitive to heat. This means that I’m always warm.  My skin is sometimes hot to touch and people are often quite shocked by it.  Feeling anxious or nervous adds to feeling hot and when that happens I start to feel sweaty.   Even thinking about the wedding brings on panic over starting to flush and sweat so I really needed to feel confident in having a deodorant that works for me.

I’d read great things about Mitchum on various forums and I had high hopes for it.  I was not disappointed.  I received four deodorants, two roll ons and two sticks.  I received an unscented and pure fresh scented version of each. Both the roll on and stick offer 48 hour protection and they really did work.  I tried the deodorant over the recent very hot weather and I felt so incredibly comfortable.  There was no horrible sweaty feeling and I was completely dry for the day.  The deodorants are also quick drying so there is no waiting around for ages to get dressed and they didn’t … Read the rest

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Irish Travel Products

Today, I’m talking about some great products from Irish companies that are perfect for travel.  We are very lucky to have some fantastic beauty brands in Ireland boasting great quality products.

The first item I want to discuss is from my beloved Blank Canvas Cosmetics.  I feel I need to gush a little bit about my love for the brand first.  The very first palette I bought when I qualified as a Make-Up Artist was from Blank Canvas Cosmetics.  I’m pretty sure at this stage that I have every brush from the brand and most of the make-up palettes.  Blank Canvas’ Una Tynan and her team have been incredibly kind, supportive and generous to me and I really appreciate it.  Una is an absolute make-up and brush genius and everything she produces is magical.

There have been so many fantastic new releases recently but I want to focus on the six piece travel set.  The set hosts some firm favourites in cute miniature form.  The set is cruelty free and vegan friendly which is always with a winner with me.  Brushes include the F01 quick brush, the F20 foundation brush, the F41 blusher brush, the E01 eye blending brush, the E02 flat shadow brush and the E03 detail brush for lips or liner.  The set is €49.99.  It is the perfect set for travelling or for handbag brushes.

Nima Brush is a well-known fantastic Irish brand and the original home of duck egg brushes.  The brushes are of utmost quality … Read the rest

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New Products from Image

A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to be invited to Image’s Worldwide Launch Party for six new products, some of which I will be detailing and trying.  Regular readers will know that I have a lot of love for Image and the Vital C serum is a firm favourite of mine.  I was very excited to see the new products on offer.

Firstly, Publicity Loft put on an amazing launch party in the Science Gallery.   The party had a real springtime fun atmosphere to it and brilliantly showcased the new products.  I was lucky enough to meet with an Image Skincare expert for a skin consolation and received lots of very helpful information and got a peak at some of the new products on the market.

The first product that has been launched is one that I’m already in love with.  It is the only product that I have tried so far as I have been up to my eyes with my masters, placement and a full time job (which are also the reasons I’m so late writing this post).  It is a new version of the Ormedic lip balm.  The Ormedic balm is something that I have raved about since I first tried it.  This new addition to the Ormedic family has a slight sheer pink tint to it and boasts the same brilliant qualities as its original.  The really great thing about the Ormedic balm is that it is part of a fundraiser for the Care … Read the rest

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Urban Decay

Urban Decay is a brand that I adore and have often written about it.  I love the brand because firstly it is cruelty free which is important to me and secondly the quality is amazing.  I was very lucky to receive some new offerings from the brand a few weeks ago and I have been using them almost every day since.

The first of the products that I have been using is the Flushed palette.  The Flushed palette contains contour, highlighter and blush.  The products are gorgeously pigmented and long lasting.  They are easy to apply and blend and give a gorgeous glow and finish.  I really like this palette because it works well with my pale skin.  I apply my make-up at 6am most mornings and by the evening the powders are perfectly in place. The palette costs €31.

The second item which I have been using every day since I received it is the Brow Box.  I’m using shade Brunette Betty and it comes in six different shades.  The box is a full brow kit hosting two layers; one of which is a tweezers and two brushes as well as a magnifying mirror.  The top layer contains brow wax and two brow powders.  The brow powders are warm toned, particularly the lighter shade as it has a reddish hue.   I mix the two together to get the right match for my brow colour.  Mixing the powders gives a more natural look to the brows and I’m delighted with … Read the rest

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Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Skin

Having a good skin routine is something that is really important to me.  I have mostly dry and sometimes dehydrated skin apart from my chin which is marvelous for producing spots.  My chin is something that often features in my posts as it has only been in the last two years or so that I have started to get spots.  One would think I’m old enough for this not to have happened but unfortunately I now find myself in the world of adult (chin) acne.  There are a couple of fantastic products that I use and will continue to use as the wedding approaches.  Today I’m sharing these with you and creating wedding skin heroes.

A lot of the products that I use are natural and the first of these is Liz Earle.  I’m relatively new to Liz Earle but I’m a convert.  The hot cloth cleanser is an absolute must in my bag of hero products.  Trust me, after using this product you will never use anything else to clean your face.  It is amazing.

Sticking with Liz Earle, the Superskin eye cream is made from an actual miracle.  I bought a set over Christmas and I can’t recommend it enough.   It is perfect for sensitive eyes.  The eye cream reduces the appearance of wrinkles and dark circles and feels fantastic when applied.  The eye lotion soothes and eases tired and swollen eyes.  I like to place some on cotton pads and leave them on my eyes for 5 … Read the rest