Nov 23, 2013 - Blog    Comments Off on 5 Steps to Better Skin

5 Steps to Better Skin

At 28, I’m convinced I’m developing jowls and I’m well on the way to resembling the droopy face of Deputy Dog. My frown lines have well and truly settled and I have the remains of a dried up lake mapped on my forehead. My sulk lines, yes, they are a real thing are embedded into the skin beside my lips. The worst thing is, it will only get worse. How did this happen? Yesterday I was 18 and pitying those in their old age of 30. I was never going to age. I didn’t need to take care of my skin. So here I am, not recognising myself and feeling undecided as to whether I’m to blame, or my skin is to blame for letting me down. From talking to my friends, I’m not alone. We all feel the same way. Dare I say, some of it is also in our imagination? We constantly imagine that we look dreadful. Whether bad skin is a reality or a matter of paranoia, there are a few simple steps that we can follow to brighten our skin, if not at least trick ourselves into thinking we have re-found our glowing youth.

1. Water: I hate it. I hate consuming fluids full stop. I’m probably de-hydrated, perhaps I’ve always been. I feel like I’m drowning my stomach and throat when I drink water and I’ve convinced myself that I suffer with water cramps (?) as a result. I’m currently trying to overcome my own … Read the rest