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Best Budget Buys of 2013

For those of you familiar with my Facebook page, you will know that most days, I post some budget products.  I will admit it, like most people I love having some high end products in my make-up bag, however, I believe that some cheaper products are just as good.  Here are some of my favourite budget beauty buys of 2013:



I love love love Beeswax!  I have very dry lips but they have been transformed by Beeswax.  Burt’s Bees is of course a fantastic product but it can be quite pricey.  Penneys offer a cheaper version which is just as good for €1.99.  I always have a pot with me and I have a stash at home.


Catrice Liquid Metal Eyeshadowsliquidmetal

These shadows have great pigmentation and are long lasting.  My favourite is Gold n’ Roses, a gorgeous rose gold shadow.  This looks great when blended with browns.  We are the Champagnes, a gold shadow is another favourite, a close second.  These eyeshadows retail for under €5.



W7 has to be one of my favourite budget brands.  The quality is amazing for the price.  Staying with eyeshadows, the W7 Quatro eye palette is a great buy.  I loved the eyeshadows.  The colours are gorgeous.  The palette costs €2.99.


Essence Me & My Ice-Cream Blushericecream

This is a really beautiful blusher.  It has a lovely soft texture and has a great bright peach pigment.  I love this blusher.  It is under €3.



NYC Read the rest

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Paese Cosmetics Ireland

Paese Box

Paese Box

The lovely folks of Paese Cosmetics sent me a Paese box.  The Paese box is a lucky dip of cosmetics and is currently available for €19.99 from  The Paese Cosmetics website states that 85% natural ingredients are used and their products contain various vitamins and oils.  I was very interested to try them.  I hadn’t used any before but having tested them, I would certainly now use them on a regular basis.  My favourite product in the Paese box is their blusher.



Kashmir trio

Kashmir trio

I’ll start off with the eyeshadows.  I received two trio palettes.  The first of these is the Kashmir matte trio collection.  These colours are very strong as you will see from the swatch.  I was very happy with them.  The pink in particular is great as it acts as a lovely brow highlighter.  These eyeshadows retail at a very reasonable €5.50.





Shiny trio

Shiny trio

The next palette was the shiny trio.  These are great for creating a more dramatic look and are perfect for the Christmas season.  They have a slight shimmer to them without being too much.  They retail at €6.99.





Fluid lipstick

Fluid lipstick

Moving onto the lips, I was delighted with Manifesto fluid lipstick.  I am not particularly a pink girl so I was a little cautious about this colour to begin with, but I love it now.  The colour is very vibrant and long lasting.  This resembles a lip gloss but … Read the rest

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Removing Make-Up

Removing make-up can be a very boring chore and we’re all guilty of cutting corners.  It happens to the best of us, we’re tired and reach for the make-up wipes or we wash our face in the shower.  Neglecting to remove make-up correctly can cause all sorts of problems for our skin.  It causes blackheads, enlarged and blocked pores and breakouts.  The skin looks dull and tired.

When taking off your make-up, make sure that your hands are clean.  There is no point trying to cleanse your face with grubby hands.  Place some eye make-up remover onto a cotton pad.  Hold the pad over your eye lid and gently place down for a couple of seconds.  This will remove the majority of your make-up and will eliminate the need to aggressively rub the area.  You can then wipe the area with fresh remover soaked pad.  Fold over a pad and place it under your bottom lashes.  Close your eye and use a remover on a cotton bud to rub along your eyelashes.  This will take off any mascara that is left.

Moving to the face, squeeze cleanser into your palms.  Rub the cleanser gently onto your face and give yourself a mini massage.  Repeat this as often as necessary and use cotton pads to remove the cream and make-up.  At this point you can place the cleanser directly onto cotton pads to continue cleaning your face.

I personally don’t use toner as I have dry and sensitive skin, but if … Read the rest

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The Easy Guide to Cleaning Make-Up Brushes

I cannot stress enough how important clean make-up brushes are.  Unclean brushes can cause breakouts, clogged and enlarged pores and the general spreading of dirt.  It is not enough to simply give your brush an odd clean with a make-up wipe.

There are lots of products on the market that promise to give you spotless germ free brushes.  These products come with a nice price tag.  My advice is to use baby shampoo.  It will give you a great clean, your brushes will be soft and they will smell lovely.  Using baby shampoo also means that your skin won’t come in contact with any harsh chemicals that may be present in some of the cleaning products.

Squeeze some baby shampoo onto the palm of your hand.  Use a little bit of cold / lukewarm water and swirl the tip of the brush into the mix.  Make sure that the water is not hot as this will melt the glue holding the brush together.  At this point, you will notice that make-up will start to come away from the brush.  Repeat as many times as necessary.  When rinsing, gently squeeze any excess shampoo from the brush.  Re-shape your brushes if needs be after rinsing them.  You will need to make sure that your brushes are dried on a flat surface.  Leaving them upright may result in the glue being softened.

For professional use, make-up brushes need to be thoroughly cleaned after every use.  For personal use, brushes should be shampooed once … Read the rest

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Costa Christmas

Given my grá for Christmas cups, the lovely folks from Costa Coffee invited me to a bloggers’ evening hosted in their College Green premises.  The event was held downstairs and the usual seated area had been transformed into a lovely Christmassy atmosphere.  The room was decorated with straw and fairly lights and I felt like I was in a coffee scented manger in Bethlehem.

Costa Christmas cups

Costa Christmas cups

Upon arrival guests were serenaded by the wonderfully talented Evan Walsh.  Once I took my seat, I was treated to a black forest hot chocolate.  This is the most luxurious hot chocolate imaginable.  Chocolate, cream, black cherries, more chocolate, I could go on.  A banquet of festive nibbles was beautifully presented in our manger and we were free to sample as many as we wanted.  Of course, I made a pig of myself, it would have been rude not to.  I tried the chocolate yule log which was delightful.  It was a moist chocolate sponge with a chocolate cream topping, covered in, yep you guessed it, more chocolate.  My favourite treat of the night, however, was the gingerbread muffin with a golden syrup centre and toffee icing.  I hate ginger, I hate its taste and its smell but this muffin was delicious.  It tasted of Christmas.  I don’t think I ever want to eat anything but the gingerbread muffin again.

Costa cakes

Costa cakes

I think I probably outstayed my welcome as I was reluctant to leave the cosy atmosphere.  The staff were friendly and … Read the rest