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Best of Beauty Challenge: Budget Beauty


I can’t believe it is week six already of the Best of Beauty Blog Challenge organised by Samantha Johnston from All the Buzz.  This week blog posts must be based on one beauty bargain.  I have been torn about whether to write about beeswax lip balm available in Penneys or Catrice’s liquid liner but in the end I have decided to feature the beeswax lip balm.

I have dehydrated lips. They were often sore, cracked and sometimes had those ugly white bits around the corners.  I used Vaseline, Carmex, MAC lip conditioner etc. but nothing ever helped with the appearance of them. If I wore a very matte lipstick, not only would every line and crack be visible on my lips, but my mouth would be very sore afterwards.  I would quite often get a dry irritated rash on my lips.  During a make-up lesson, I was told that using beeswax before putting any make-up on the face was a great idea so that lips are prepped and ready for lipstick.  The instructor said that we should bin other balms and only use beeswax and that we would see an instant improvement.  I was quite sceptical about this but decided to give it a go.  Instead of spending lots of money on a fancy brand, I decided to test Natural Beeswax Lip Balm available from Penneys.  The balm comes in a pot and stick and I love both.  I wasn’t expecting a whole lot from the lip balm … Read the rest

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Best of Beauty Blog Challenge: Princess Product

This week in the Best of Beauty Blog Challenge organised by Samantha Johnston from All The Buzz, we are discussing our favourite high end / princess beauty products.  If I was a princess I’d be Belle from Beauty and the Beast.  It is my favourite film, I have the yellow ball gown, a Chip cup and most importantly a bearded boyfriend so I’m already more than half way there.  To be Belle I’d need flawless skin and whilst I haven’t been naturally blessed with her beauty, I’ve learned a few tricks of the trade to help me on my way.


My favourite princess product is the 187 duo-fibre foundation brush from MAC.  I have chosen this as it my preferred make-up tool.  This is the best brush that I have ever used and nothing else comes close.  I have dry skin so make-up can look caked and flakey.  The 187 provides an even application and longer lasting make-up.  Using this brush means that I don’t need as much product as a little foundation goes a long way.  I have used other flat foundation brushes and I found that quite often my make-up would start to look clumped.  Foundation should blend into the face and almost act as a new skin.  The 187 duo-fibre brush facilitates this and provides an air-brushed application.

duo fibre

When I move to an enchanted castle in France, I will be bringing my MAC brush with me.… Read the rest

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Best of Beauty: Pamper Products

This is week four of the Best of Beauty Blogger Challenge organised by Samantha Johnston of All the Buzz.  Our topic for this week is our Best of Beauty Pamper Products.  My products for this week are very basic purely because I’m not really one for using face masks or going for long soaks in the bath with nice bath bombs.  I’m a bit useless with these kinds of things really; I’m not feeling particularly girly at the moment.

Beautiful Skin for No7

I have recently written about my new grá for the Beautiful Skin range from No7 (you can read the full review here).  These products are great when a quick cleanse won’t do.  The gel cleanser feels so nice on my skin.  It has a really luxurious feel to it.  Once I have cleansed and rinsed, I use the exfoliator which is lovely and gentle but still manages to remove dead skin.  I particularly like the hot cloth cleanser and this for me is where the real pampering starts.  My life is a bit hectic at the moment and I have moved house on top of it all.  I just about have time to wash my hair so I don’t really have a lot of free time to spend using pamper products at the moment.  That’s why the hot cloth cleanser is fantastic.  It is so quick and easy to use.  The cleansing lotion is really soft and it only takes a couple of seconds to rub into … Read the rest

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Make-Up Must Haves

Make-Up Must Haves

I am delighted to be partaking in the Best of Beauty Blog Challenge organised by the lovely Samantha Johnston from All the Buzz (@All_The_Buzz).  This is week three and our topic is Make-up Must Haves.  This is a hard topic to narrow down because there are so many products that I adore but I have decided to pick my daily essentials.

Skin Care

I have very sensitive skin and have some dry irritated patches along my cheeks and hairline.  I also have high colouring so my face can look very red sometimes.  When I get nervous or feel awkward it gets even redder.  I have previously visited a dermatologist and she recommended that I use Eucerin moisturiser.  This product retails for about €14.  It isn’t a particularly fancy brand but it is great for me.  The rash/redness never completely goes but it is definitely contained by using this product.  The area feels softer and less irritated and my make-up sits over it nicely.  When I have my foundation on you’d never know it was there and when it is off the skin doesn’t look overly odd.  This moisturiser has made a visible difference to my skin and to me.



There are two foundations that I use: Studio Sculpt from MAC and bareMinerals.  My everyday foundation is Studio Sculpt.  This foundation is expensive at €36 but it lasts for months.  I buy about three these a year.  I have … Read the rest

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Osiris Avise CC – Not for Me

I had heard great things about this CC cream from Osiris Avise and was excited to try it.  I was sceptical but hopeful.  The CC cream is available from Lidl for €2.99.

I should start off this review by giving some background to my skin and what I was hoping to achieve with this CC cream.  My favourite foundation is NW15 Studio Sculpt from MAC.  This is quite a pale colour.  I haven’t always worn such a pale foundation but as I’ve gotten older my colouring has become uneven.  My neck is much paler than my face.  I have very high colouring on my face and I have quite dry irritated skin along my hairline and cheeks.  For these reasons, I find it easier to go slightly lighter with my foundation.  This way my face and neck are the same colour.  I also have quite dark circles under my eyes.  I was hoping that this CC cream would be quick and easy and would provide a fresh even look.

The directions on the tube say to rub the cream between your finger tips before applying to the skin; one then applies under the eyes and around the nose and then works on the rest of the face.  The tube states that stronger coverage can be achieved by adding more product.  I did all of this and felt that I needed to add quite a bit of the cream to create coverage.  My skin did look quite fresh at first but … Read the rest