Hello and welcome to the world of Ruby Laine Make-Up!

I’m based in Dublin, Ireland and I’m obsessed with make-up, both “normal” and special fx. I first started applying make-up when I was four or five on my poor granny when she was taking her Sunday naps. Now, however, I am a fully qualified make-up artist and I love creating all kinds of looks from vintage vamps to zombies. You will find some of my looks in the gallery section. If you have any make-up questions or want to book an appointment please do get in contact.

My site also hosts a blog which I am really passionate about. My blog is mostly based on make-up but I also feature skincare, hair advice and some lifestyle bits and pieces. All of my views are my own and are very honest. I am PR friendly and willing to try out new products and services, in the name of science of course!

A few things about me:
I love make-up, Batman, Beauty and the Beast, dresses and classic literature. I absolutely detest the smell of oranges and I’m not overly keen on lavender. I’m a terrible cook but a good baker. I’m obsessed with grammar and have an M.Phil. in Linguistics specialising in grammatical complexity in Irish English and Japanese from Trinity College. I’m a nerd. I have a pet hedgehog called Pumpkin, named after Jack Skellington, The Pumpkin King and my love for Halloween. I occasionally knit him hats which he doesn’t mind wearing but he hates scarves.

If you’d like to contact me in relation to the blog or make-up (or hedgehogs!), please get in contact here.