Hello and welcome to the world of Ruby Laine Make-Up!

I’m based in Dublin, Ireland and I love playing around with make-up. I first started applying make-up when I was four or five on my poor granny when she was taking her Sunday naps.  My favourite thing to do is create character looks from zombies to Disney princesses.  You will find lots posts on how to create all sorts of looks throughout my blog.

My blog is mostly based on cruelty free make-up but I also feature skincare, style, crafts, Halloween items and some other bits and pieces.  There are also plenty of photos of my fur babies; they are my obsession.  Since the start of 2018, I have been running a 52 Weeks of Kindness series which I’m hugely passionate about.

All of my views are my own and are very honest.  I am PR friendly and willing to try out new products and services, in the name of science of course!

If you’d like to contact me in relation to the blog please get in contact here.