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Irish Travel Products

Today, I’m talking about some great products from Irish companies that are perfect for travel.  We are very lucky to have some fantastic beauty brands in Ireland boasting great quality products.

The first item I want to discuss is from my beloved Blank Canvas Cosmetics.  I feel I need to gush a little bit about my love for the brand first.  The very first palette I bought when I qualified as a Make-Up Artist was from Blank Canvas Cosmetics.  I’m pretty sure at this stage that I have every brush from the brand and most of the make-up palettes.  Blank Canvas’ Una Tynan and her team have been incredibly kind, supportive and generous to me and I really appreciate it.  Una is an absolute make-up and brush genius and everything she produces is magical.

There have been so many fantastic new releases recently but I want to focus on the six piece travel set.  The set hosts some firm favourites in cute miniature form.  The set is cruelty free and vegan friendly which is always with a winner with me.  Brushes include the F01 quick brush, the F20 foundation brush, the F41 blusher brush, the E01 eye blending brush, the E02 flat shadow brush and the E03 detail brush for lips or liner.  The set is €49.99.  It is the perfect set for travelling or for handbag brushes.

Nima Brush is a well-known fantastic Irish brand and the original home of duck egg brushes.  The brushes are of utmost quality and are suitable for everyone from beginners to professionals.  The founder of the brand, the fantastic Niamh Martin has recently released Nima Nets.  Nima Nets are a cover to protect brush bristles, keep them clean and hygienic and are also great for using when drying brushes after washing.  There are seven nets in each pack and they cost 9.95.  The nets are great for travelling as the brush heads will be perfectly protected.

Whilst not new to the Irish market, the Cleanse Off Mitt has seen a relaunch.  The Cleanse Off Mitt is a product that I have used since it first launched a few years ago.  Its creator, The Skin Nerd, Jennifer Rock has recently launched a new website and with it the Cleanse Off Mitt has received a new lease of life.  The Cleanse Off Mitt is something that I have bought for my bridesmaids’ bags and it is fantastic for travelling.  The mitt is an alternative to wipes and is one of my favourite travel products.

All of these items are fantastic for travel and for handbags.

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