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Week 7: Tell Someone you Love them

This week’s act of kindness is very much influenced by Valentine’s Day.  It is all about letting people know how great they are.

Tell someone you love them

Let someone special in your life know how much they mean to you.  This could be a partner, friend, family member or pet.  Tell someone how much you appreciate them and how grateful you are for them.  It is a very simple idea, but it will make a difference to someone in your life.  Share some love, happiness and appreciation this week.… Read the rest

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Week Six: Celebrate Galentine’s Day

Fans of Parks and Recreation will be familiar with the idea of Galentine’s Day.  On the day before Valentine’s Day, the legendary Lesley Knope honoured the most important women in her life.  This week’s challenge (well technically it is sort of focused on next week) is to do the same thing:

Celebrate your girls

This February the 13th, plan something nice for the fantastic women in your life.  If possible, organise a breakfast or lunch, have a nice dinner, host a movie night, have a cup of tea and a chat or just make a phone call and tell your friend / family member how much they mean to you.  There are plenty of ways to celebrate your girls and have a special and meaningful Galentine’s Day.  It can become your new annual tradition.… Read the rest

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Week Five: Donate to Oscar’s DIPG Fund

This week’s act of kindness is brought to you with great sadness.  Many of you will be familiar with Yav from Makeupmonster.ie.  Yav is a great blogger and an incredibly brave woman and mother.  The news her family has recently received is utterly devastating.  This week’s act of kindness is to:

Support Oscar’s DIPG Fund


I cannot stop thinking about Yav, Lar and Oscar.  I want to share a link to their story in their own words:


An event, Le Cheile, has also been organised to fundraise for Oscar, please follow The Beautiful Truth and The Pharmer’s Journal for more information.

Please donate to support Oscar and his wonderful Mam and Dad.… Read the rest

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Week Three: Donate a Sleeping Bag

Welcome to week 3 of 52 weeks of kindness.  I hope the last two weeks have been going well and once again I’d love to hear how you have been getting on.  This week’s act of kindness is very simple:

Donate a sleeping bag to a homeless service

This can be done from your phone and you will be able to donate through various services.  On average a sleeping bag costs about €12 via donation.  This is not a lot of money and although a sleeping bag is a very small item, it might just make someone’s night a little bit easier. 

Of course, you can donate more, you can set up a monthly donation to a homeless service.  You can buy and donate food to services that feed the homeless. You can buy warm clothes, socks, toiletries etc. for the homeless.  It is up to you.  Donating a sleeping bag might be a good place to start. 

Some services which could benefit of donations are:

The Capuchin Day Centre             www.capuchindaycentre.ie/

The Simon Community                  https://www.simon.ie/

Focus Ireland                                     https://www.focusireland.ie/

Inner City Helping Homeless        https://www.ichh.ie/

Peter McVerry Trust                       https://www.pmvtrust.ie/

Homelessness is a national crisis.  Although we can’t all solve the problem tomorrow, we can play our part in helping.  Let’s not look away; let’s show kindness and help instead.